Financial Planning Services

Your financial plan is customized for your situation, and it may be as broad-based or narrowly focused as you desire. The incorporation of most or all of the following components allows not only a thorough analysis but also a tailored plan that is focused on your unique requirements so that we are able to assist you in reaching your goals.  Financial planning services include but are not limited to:

Cashflow Analysis and Debt Management
Risk Management
Employee Benefits
Retirement Planning
Education Planning

Tax Planning Strategies
Estate Planning and Charitable Giving
Divorce Planning
Investment Consultation
Business Consultation

Note:  Point of Attention Investments is not a law firm, accountant, or insurance agent; however, we can assist in the completion of cash flow and net worth projections, budgetary analysis, as well as help you to understand the financial consequences involving a settlement and/or retirement strategy.  We can also recommend an attorney, tax professional, or other applicable professional to you if you do not have one on retainer (we do not receive compensation for our introductions).  Also, Point of Attention Investments does not serve as a retirement plan fiduciary, plan advisor or investment manager as defined in § 3(21) of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) or as an ERISA § 3(38), nor do we serve as ERISA § 3(16) plan third-party administrator.

Broad-Based versus Modular Planning

A financial plan requires detail and certain variables can affect the time involved in the development of the plan, such as the quality of your own records, complexity and number of current investments, diversity of insurance products and employee benefits you currently hold, size of the potential estate, and special needs of the client or their dependents, among others. At your request, we may concentrate on reviewing only a specific area (modular planning), such as focusing on your employer’s retirement plan allocation, funding a child’s education, etc. Note that when our services focus only on certain areas of your interest or need, your overall situation or needs may not be fully addressed due to limitations you may have established.

Whether we have created a broad-based or modular plan, we will present you with a summary of our recommendations and guide you in their implementation when appropriate. Each client receives a written action plan in printed or digital format at the end of the process. In all instances involving our engagements, our clients retain full discretion over all planning implementation decisions and are free to accept or reject any planning recommendation that we make. 

Our financial planning clients are assessed an hourly fee. Our rate is $150 per hour that is billed in 10-minute increments, and partial increments (e.g., seven minutes) will be treated as a whole increment. Prior to entering into an agreement with our firm you will receive an estimate of the overall cost based on your requirements and the time involved. No deposit is required. Payment is due in full upon delivery of our invoice which coincides with the presentation of your plan; however, an hourly engagement lasting more than one month may be billed at the end of each month for time incurred. The hourly financial planning engagement ends upon delivery of the completed plan.

Portfolio Management Services

You may engage Point of Attention Investments to implement investment strategies that we have recommended to you.  Depending on your risk profile, goals and needs, etc., your portfolio will utilize one or more types of investments that best integrates into your portfolio’s strategy; topics that are further discussed in Item 8 of the Point of Attention Investments brochure. Note that our focus is on active portfolio management and may not be suitable for more conservative investors. We typically begin by preparing investment guidelines to reflect your objectives, time horizon, tolerance for risk, as well as any reasonable account constraints you may have for the portfolio. For example, you have the right to exclude certain securities from your portfolio (e.g., no “sin stocks,” etc.). Investment guidelines are designed to be specific enough to provide future guidance while allowing flexibility to work with changing market conditions. We manage your portfolio on a discretionary or non-discretionary basis (defined in Item 16 of the brochure). Because this is our initial year of operation, we do not have reportable assets under our management as of the date of the brochure’s publication.  The Point of Attention Investments brochure (Part 2 of Form ADV) is available to prospective clients by request. The term “assets under management” and rounding are as defined per the General Instructions for Part 2 of Form ADV.

We do not require a minimum account size to open or maintain an investment portfolio with the firm. Point of Attention Investments does not assess account opening and/or administration fees to initiate our portfolio management services.

At the end of each calendar quarter, portfolio management clients will pay our firm an asset-based fee based on an annualized rate as indicated in a tiered fee table (quarterly, in arrears).[1] Our fee schedule is tapered; all accounts are charged a single percentage rate that declines as asset levels increase. The highest possible annualized rate is 1.65%. For the benefit of discounting your asset-based fee, we will attempt to aggregate accounts for the same household. The fee is determined by the value of account assets and calculated on the quarter-end market value of the portfolio and multiplying that quotient by the applicable number of basis points set forth in the fee table (one basis point equals 1/100 of one percent). The result is then divided by four to determine the quarterly fee.

[1] On a limited basis and following firm approval, accounts may be assessed their asset-based fee on a monthly basis, in arrears. The fee would then be determined by the value of account assets calculated each month-end and multiplying that quotient by the applicable number of basis points (one basis point equals 1/100 of one percent). The result is then divided by twelve to determine the monthly fee. Formula: ((month-end market value) x (applicable number of basis points)) ÷ 12

Point of Attention, LLC is a registered investment adviser offering advisory services 
in the State of Massachusetts and in other jurisdictions where exempted.