My name is Phil Corey, and I believe that no matter what your background is, what your history is, there is a way that each person can find the things they are looking for in life.  I have spent thirteen years of my career as a manufacturing engineer in industry, and I’ve seen how discipline, process, and discovery can mean the difference between success and failure.  I have an appreciation for process optimization –  an unwavering certainty that no matter how good something is, there are always ways to make it even better.  I’ve also been involved with massive turnarounds, times when change was necessary to avert disaster and re-establish a path toward prosperity.

Three years ago, I developed a particular interest in finance and the markets.  I started to view companies and financial instruments as centers of investment, potential, and energy.  I became a student of the markets and a ‘content consumer’, collecting academic works from the past and present to better understand the mechanics and subtleties of the financial system and the ways people have measured and benefited from various investments.  I have dug deep, and I believe I found principles and techniques that may be applied to generate measurable gain while respecting and managing risk.  I have never worked in the financial industry before, and I see that as a strength because the insight, habits, and vigor that I have gained through this process were a result of nothing else but my own passion for the craft.

I created Point of Attention Investments because I believe there are opportunities in today’s financial markets that ought to be available to any investor, big or small.  I am specializing myself as a developing portfolio manager, but I can give practical financial planning advice as well.  My hope is to help make positive and lasting differences in real peoples’ lives.  As an independent RIA that makes all investment decisions in-house, Point of Attention Investments has the freedom to create an unbiased and personalized investment plan that is truly in the client’s best interest.

Let’s engineer your success.

Very Respectfully,

Philip P. Corey, MBA
Point of Attention Investments

Point of Attention, LLC is a registered investment adviser offering advisory services
in the State of Massachusetts and in other jurisdictions where exempted.